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Cat and Mouse

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Mar. 26th, 2006 | 07:29 pm
posted by: geminieffect in acwc

OK here it goes, first entry trying to only put a framework that can be ripped apart as quickly as it was written, add something to it (chapter, page, sentence, characters whatever) and we'll publish it in 4 years

Mouse's hands flew across the keyboard, possessed by some other form, long slender fingers not owned seemingly uncontrolled by thought or will, the words poured out in phosphor, illuminating the dark screen flashing before Mouse's retinas;
the cursor blinked anticipating the next series of words, as if the motion of fingers ignited tiny fuses, all following the same trail, keyboard, screen, eye, infinity. Mouse found this time to be a good one, the music breaching both the early 21st century and the deep into even the dawning of the 20th, a hundred years of information almost always at command, one could hide in at the dawning of the new millennium and never be searched for, so Mouse called it home. The general complaints of those living in the period without any way out didn't understand that being marginalized such as they may be had it's uses too. With no paper trails, the scrutiny of the constabulary was cursory at best in relative to the time Mouse left. Mouse let the fingers do the talking, trying to signify both the complete disorientation of shifting through periods so readily and the adaptations one must go through, one day you were a prisoner, convicted by only your thought "the guilty conscience", the next day no distance in 3d could cage you. For some reason traveling forward (or outward as the physicians finally concluded) was more difficult, for some reason whole centuries were "blocked", the only way anyone could explain it, like the large system Mouse's hands were struggling against, the thoughts swirled around beneath greying hair as Mouse tried to nibble a way through the mainframe.
To Mouse time travel and hacking had a lot in common, both were about traveling in ways that were simultaneously forbidden and all together too tempting to deny...as such Mouse found this perfect home, this perfect mission, and the most interesting means to find out where it all began. The signals were coming from somewhere but seemed to come from nowhere at all.

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Traveling and staying home

from: luzyrose
date: Mar. 27th, 2006 12:19 pm (UTC)

It is morning. The sun is sloppy today. Mouse looks out the window.
"I may skip class," he thinks. He eyes the pale blue sky. But if he isn't doing school, then he figures, he needs something. An adventure. Somewhere to go. But where?

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